I’m cycling and my eyes well up, like they always do when cold wind hits them. Tears roll down my face as I’m phoning my boss to say: „I’m rolling towards the center.“ With wet cheeks I cross the traffic light of a less busy road. I taste salt on my lips and notice an urge to pee.


Thump at Night

thump thump thump - silence - thump thump thump - silence - repeat.
It's 2 am what are my neighbours doing? Creeped out I walk down the hallway, there I can still hear it but with more reverbaration. The walls are shaking slightly.. is someone playing with a ball? I hear voices from an apartment which also seems like the source of mysterious vibration, so I walk down and knock. Some guy in his 30s, wide awake opens, someone else moves behind him. I report about the "plopp plopp plopp". He seems to know nothing but the sound stops.
I was sure now, someone in that apartment was bouncing a ball in regular intervals. What for? I was annoyed by the thought of this behavior, but also relieved that the noise was no call for help by a ghost.Two weeks pass, I hear it again. Determined to knock on that apartment's door i walk down one story and announce: "I think someone is bouncing a ball, my wall is vibrating." The same guy (it's 8:30pm he's wearing a suit) replies "No we're playing darts.""Oh darts" The satisfying explanation spins through my head."Maybe hang it somewhere else?" I suggest, although as we briefly exchange ideas to address the issue, I notice my attitude towards the sound has changed - it won't bother me anymore.


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Living my best morning

At 8 sharp my mind slips into conciousness while my body stays still as my immediate focus collects fragments of dreams. I remember 5 dreams, 2 of them (the lucid ones) vividly and write one of them down quickly with my stenographic digital typewriter.I get up so I can prepare two cups of coffee with a manual lever espresso machine which is already hot on schedule. Various sounds walk next to and overtake each other; the coffee grinder, the kettle of the lever machine, the whirring of the heating unit, the clackering of beautiful mugs, faucet afterdrops of mountain water.A slight melody appears around my inner ear and my tired movements turn into invisible dance, I take my oatmeal out of the fridge and intuitively decide to enjoy my breakfast next to a window. As what will become part of me fills me with inspiration (I take a coffee sip) I find the last free page in my notebook and fill it with a cadence inspired by what I didn’t hear.


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~ secret text about nothing ~

Guten Tag!

It's been over a year now since I've started this blog, and possibly ten redesigns later I still enjoy posting from time to time. Back when I was on Instagram, I didn't enjoy that every post is publicly rated with likes and comments, that I am rated with follower numbers; that my ideas are constantly put in juxtaposition to my social status. To overcome these issues I have started this blog as a proof of concept.
Now I have started a new blog (in german language): blogrechercheblog, to collect research notes about the blogging-medium, it's decline and possible future. Every Monday night I will update it, so every Tuesday there is a fresh post - because of this schedule it can function without a newsletter.
You can find the link on my Homepage: evergiven.net (which also links to this blog)


Dear readers,I am not inspired right now.
You are reading a result of my pure strength and willpower.
Each word has been squeezed out of my mind.
Please imagine a lemon you'd not expect to use for another soda.
Wittness me exercising, my last push up!
It is 2:13am on a spring thursday night and someone with open windows is practicing a dramatic viola/cello duet


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Dieser Post hat es eilig, denn:
°Es ist spät
°Akku 11%
°Gedanken sind flüchtig
Dieser Post hat Zeit, denn:
°Morgen ist auch noch ein Tag
°Es ist wie es ist
°Lieber keine überhasteten Entscheidungen treffen
Dieser Post ist für immer, denn:
°Alles ist für immer
°Ich werde ihn ausdrucken
°Er ist diesem Wort gewidmet
Dieser Post ist vergänglich, denn:
°Wir leben im digitalen Mittelalter
°Das Ende naht





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deleted post

Welcome to the same website with a new domain!
You might have noticed already, I have started to send new posts as approximate duplicates via email along with a link to the post on my website. This way you don't have to click the link to view the newest post, however sometimes I post without sending to the newsletter so it's still worth it to click the link every once in a while.
Have a nice day :-)

Ein Teigball war im Schneebesen gefangen.A ball of dough was caught in the whisk.



Lately I have felt so loose, like a broken guitar string or a sleeping fish. While taking a break from my walk on the channel, my eyes resting on the current, I observed a fish leaping out of the water.
This is it for today =^=


My Album "Power Nap" is out now!
album artwork: "present landscape view from the past through a crystal ball" by Lisa Braid
mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio


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Some thoughts on this day:
The tramline 18 brought me home for free, it was the day of the tramway.
From Baumgasse to Gumpendorfer Straße I travelled, and felt sheltered from the hostile infrastructure of the city. I was reading an article on my phone about the world being a simulation, bending my neck to unhealthy comfort and trying to tilt my screen so the sun wouldn't reflect into my eyes.
If you ask me I don't care if the world is real.
After exiting the Tramway Plastic Box I walked across two streets to recover my Two Wheel Kickscooter.
It helped me go back and forth and I proceeded with my day as usual.
Cooking, eating, listening, it all lead up to this moment.
From now on I'm ready for anything


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Going from one place to another some time ago I snapped this scenery where the plants had pretty colours! Unfortunately I was in a hurry, I didn't notice my lens was covered in lotion. It looked really cool, but I forgot where this place was, somehow I was given a different route the next time I was travelling between those same places.


Come on rude boy boy you should take a nap
Come on rude boy boy go to sleep in bed
stay still stay still stay still stay still
turn 'round, sweet dream, sleep till the morning


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You can now listen to Lisa Laser's new album "This is a Movie"!
Out now on
Tamtam Recordings
"This is a Movie is inspired by the melodies, sounds and thoughts while walking through the city, recorded with my headphones on my bed wrapped up in my blanket."

(:Album Cover by me:)


Have a nice day <‘•’>


Today I decided to pause the preperation of my meal to pursue my artistic practice. In this brief moment I endured suffering in order to realize the vision of my creative spark.
There once was an artist who spent a year in a cage as a performance - this is what my work envisions as well! You will notice the dashed lines framing my image - they express that I am the prisoner of my creativity. Greetings


Today I saw these objects poking out of a wall. While taking this photograph I was listening to very heavy music on the radio.


I am still working on the website.. please come back another day

My second blog post

Welcome to my blog.
this is my second post and with an image:

My first blog post

Welcome to my blog.
Here you will be able to read about my interests and projects.
Let's see :)

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contact me


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!This post wil be updated sooon!
My live set at Plateau in november: https://soundcloud.com/ever-given/live-plateau-1123
This great EP by verschrin: https://soundcloud.com/verschrin/sets/ame-lintsCurrently showing at Rundgang. More information about my artwork is available in the class booklet, there should be a QR code somewhere.Thank you for your interest.


I was listening to this song while reading the following sentence in a discussion about moka pots:
I am not sure why anyone in the coffee community would try to deliberately deceive you.


~ remembering my short lived hardware setup dream ~


Usually I get to experience two world cups a day, they fill me with warmth and energy, even only thinking about them already does. There are many kinds of world cups - sweet - sour - salty - dreamy - special - ordinary world cups are all around us and I admit to it: I am a world cup revolver, be it soup in bread or soda in crystal, today it was the following:

Right now I am listening to this relaxing radioshow
and thinking about the future. What years! Call me crazy and leave it at that, I cannot share this thought with you.
I have run out of things to say...


Gwkki äbs qwkxinw° ri n< awxewr nwaaäfw° Xibfeärzkäruiba die xeäxjubf rgw xisw, Biq awbs nw rgw qies !vibduew! cuä rgw xibräxr dien ri qub°°°


I would have deleted this photograph but I wonder about the subliminal message.. Did I capture a spirit? Let me know if this has any effect on you..Currently listening to Grains of Peace w/ ChagoI was planning on studying IT and earn a lot of money but my parents told me it's a bad idea